Looking for Things to Do in the Inland Empire? Here’s Our List of Favorites

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Family Fun
Learn about all the fun things to do in the Inland Empire!

Whether you’re a longtime resident or are simply stopping through, there are tons of things to do in the Inland Empire for the entire family. To get you started on your planning, we’ve put together this short list:

  • Knotts Scary Farm – If you’re passing through Inland Empire at the right time, you might be able to check out Knotts Scary Farm – the “most terrifying experience in Southern California” – if you can handle it, that is.
  • Planes of Fame Air Museum – Or, you can pass through this aviation museum, year-round, to learn all about some of history’s most famous aircraft.
  • Mojave National Reserve – If you’re more intrigued by the serene sand dunes and cinder cones native to the region, you can plan a trip to this beautiful U.S. National Preserve.
  • Castle Park – Lastly, whether you’re with the kids or are just a kid at heart, consider a day at Castle Park, a 25-acre amusement park designed for family fun.

And of course, if you’re in the market for your new favorite vehicle, come pay us a visit at Hatfield Buick GMC. We’d love to get you set up!

The Difference Between Car and Health Insurance: You Can Go Anywhere

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Car Crash
Learn the difference between car and health insurance and protect your rights.

Did you know that, unlike most health insurance plans, car insurance can be applied anywhere? This major difference between car and health insurance is often misunderstood.

While many car insurance plans strongly suggest which auto body repair facilities you should use, you have the right to choose exactly where to take your vehicle to be fixed – at no extra cost – even if it isn’t on your insurance plan’s list.

Auto repair insurance reduces the cost of repairing your vehicle after an accident, but if you incorrectly believe that you must find a place “covered” by your insurance, getting your car fixed can be extremely inconvenient.

This common misconception causes headaches for many, who assume that their car insurance works just like their health insurance. This is definitely not the case. In fact, any suggestions made by a car insurance company cannot be enforced upon you, the law says so.

If you have any other questions about car insurance and the way it works, we’d be happy to help you out. Contact us or visit us at Hatfield Buick GMC any time.

2016 Buick Encore Sport Touring Preview

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2016 Buick Encore
The 2016 Buick Encore Sport Touring Preview gives you a peek into what’s to come.

The new 2016 Buick Encore Sport Touring will officially go on sale this fall! The new model is a sportier take on the beloved Encore. It features unique design cues, exclusive engine, and additional technology features. For full details, check out our 2016 Buick Encore Sport Touring Preview below.

New exterior features that will be on the Sport Touring include 18-inch aluminum premium-finished wheels and body colored door handles. It will also be equipped with a new 1.4-liter turbocharged engine that delivers 153 horsepower and 177 lb-ft or torque.

The new Sport Touring will also feature stop/start technology that reduces its overall fuel consumption. Other standard features include: Blue-accented halogen projector-beam headlights, IntelliLink, OnStar 4G LTE WiFi hotspot, and rearview camera.

Buick’s U.S. Vice President, Duncan Aldred, said, “Encore is a driving force behind Buick’s expansion and a catalyst for introducing a new generation of customers to the brand. The all-new Encore Sport Touring broadens that base, giving customers more choice—along with more performance, more technology and more efficiency.”

We’re excited for the new Encore Sport Touring to arrive here at Hatfield Buick GMC this fall! Stay tuned to our blog and we’ll let you know when it arrives.

New 2016 GMC Sierra Revealed

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The new 2016 GMC Sierra has officially been revealed! It received a rather significant upgrade, adding to its overall charm and appeal that consumers have loved year after year. In fact, the Sierra just came off of its best June performance since 2006 and has seen 12 consecutive months of year-over-year sales gains.

2015 GMC Sierra
The new 2016 GMC Sierra has finally been revealed! (2015 Model Shown)

As far as its new look, the 2016 Sierra received unique LED c-shaped daytime running lights and signature LED headlights. The c-shaped LEDs also make their way to the taillights. It’s new, more muscular front fascia is topped-off with a chrome grille.

Complete interior details have not yet been released, although we do know that it will be Apple CarPlay compatible.

The new 2016 GMC Sierra will be available later this year and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it! In the meantime, you can check out the new Sierra’s look here. And, for more details about the upcoming Sierra, stay tuned to our blog here at Hatfield Buick GMC.

Preparing Your Car for a Summer Road Trip

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summer road trip
When preparing your car for a summer road trip, follow these tips!

The kids are out of school, which means it’s time to pack your bags and head out on a road trip. But, before you leave, follow these tips on preparing your car for a summer road trip.

  • Get a tune up. Schedule an appointment to have your car checked out before you leave. Have the oil changed, tires rotated, A/C inspected, and anything else you might need before you hit the road.
  • Clean your car. You don’t want to be driving around with pounds of unnecessary junk in your car. Not only will this reduce your cargo capacity, but it will reduce your fuel efficiency too. Spend an hour or two cleaning out your car and you’ll be glad you did.
  • Be prepared for issues. You had your car inspected, but that doesn’t mean you won’t accidentally leave your headlights on and drain your battery. Be prepared with a roadside emergency kit, including jumper cables, a first aid kit, flashlight, and other tools.

Are you taking your family on a road trip this summer? Stop in to Hatfield Buick GMC and let us help you make sure you are prepared for the road that lies ahead.

Buick Cascada’s Safety Is Strong and Stylish

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2015 Buick Cascada
The new 2016 Buick Cascada’s safety features are coming to us early next year! (2015 model shown)

There’s nothing quite like feeling the wind blow through your hair as you drive along a scenic road, which is what makes convertibles so popular. With the new Buick Cascada coming soon, there will be a stylish new option on the market.

Engineers found a way to blend the Buick Cascada’s safety features into the car without compromising its styling.

The Cascada has a reinforced structure to give the car extra strength and rigidity. It also features rollover protection bars that are spring-loaded and located behind the front seats. They are linked to the air bag system and when deployed extend 14 inches into the air to match the height of the windshield.

“Intelligent design is a hallmark of Buick’s renaissance and the all-new Cascada advances that legacy with seamless integration of great convertible design and safety,” said Holt Ware, Buick exterior design director, in a statement. “It’s a design that fosters the Cascada’s clean, uninterrupted lines while helping enable confident, top-down driving enjoyment.”

Other engineered safety measures include press-hardened steel in the inner structure of the A-pillars, reinforced rocker panels, and underbody reinforcement with X-braces and V-braces.

Because of all of these reinforcements, the Cascada’s structure is extremely rigid. This will give drivers a fantastically responsive driving experience.

Be on the lookout for the 2016 Buick Cascada, which is due to arrive at Hatfield Buick GMC early next year.

Tips on Staying Awake While Driving

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Woman Driving
Follow these tips on staying awake while driving, and keep you and your loved ones safe!

Odds are if you’re a frequent nighttime driver, you’ve driven while drowsy. In fact, over 55% of drivers admit to driving while tired, a condition that is often compared to driving under the influence. Here at Hatfield Buick GMC, we care about your safety, so we’ve put together a list of tips on staying awake while driving to ensure you’re always safe behind the wheel.

According to the UCLA Sleepcenter, more than 100,000 drowsy-related accidents occur every year. The traditional method for avoiding incidents is to pull over if you’re too tired to drive. You’re body needs sleep every 24 hours, so avoid driving if you haven’t sleep lately.

Aside from napping on the side of the road, eating and drinking can help keep you alert. Try sipping ice water or slowly eating chips. While eating a four-course meal while driving can also be dangerous, stimulating your taste buds with a snack is a great way to stay awake.

Avoiding sugar crashes is also important. Sugar can affect your alertness drastically, often making individuals hyperactive or increasing drowsiness after long periods. Don’t load up on sweets if you’re getting behind the wheel.

Last but not least, crack a window. This will keep you cool and alert, while creating enough noise to hold your attention. As long as you don’t freeze, cold air can be a blessing while driving late at night

The Buick Achievers Scholarship Program: Growing STEM Education

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Buick Scholarship Awards
The Buick Achievers Scholarship Program will give award 50 college students with $25,000 a year!

Showing its support for education, Buick recently announced over $1 million in scholarships. This money is designed to enable college students in four-year programs to pursue education in science, technology,

engineering, and math related fields (STEM). This one more way Buick is showing it’s more than just an automotive company.

The Buick Achievers Scholarship Program will give $25,000 per year to 50 college students, according to Buick. A majority of recipients are students from diverse backgrounds and first-generation college students. Also, one in four of the scholarship winners have ties to the military, as service members or family to service members.

“The future of our country lies in technology and innovation and depends on a strong pipeline of highly skilled talent,” said GM Foundation Chairman Bob Ferguson. “Our scholarship program is helping bridge the gap between a skilled workforce and positions that companies are looking to fill.”

This scholarship is in its fourth year, awarding a total of $28 million in scholarships and grants to 3,400 high school students and undergraduates nationwide. As part of the GM Foundation initiative to increase STEM education, more than $70 million has been given by Buick’s parent company.

To learn more about Buick and the Acheivers Scholarship program contact us at Hatfield Buick GMC.

Buick Scores Three Times In KBB’s 2015 Cost-To-Own Awards

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In Kelley Blue Book’s 2015 5-Year Cost-To-Own Awards, it would be an accomplishment for any brand to win in just one category. Buick won in three categories this year. And if that weren’t enough, it’s the second year in a row that it has pulled off this impressive feat.

KBB’s cost-to-own analysis measures a number of factors. Those include fuel costs, financing as well as maintenance and repair costs.

The 2015 Buick Verano took the cake in the Entry-Level Luxury Car category. According to KBB, it was “plenty of standard amenities and a quiet and composed ride” that helped Verano win in its category.

2015 Buick Verano - 2015 Cost-To-Own Awards
2015 Buick Verano

Winning recognition in the Luxury Compact/SUV Crossover category was the 2015 Buick Encore. It was features like a “quality look,” “QuietTuning package” and “well-tuned suspension” that caught the attention of analysts at KBB.

2015 Buick Encore - 2015 Cost-To-Own Awards
2015 Buick Encore

The 2015 Buick Enclave is “a great value proposition” because despite a roomy and easy to operate interior and all of the tech amenities you could imagine, the Enclave’s price remains hard to beat.

2015 Buick Enclave - 2015 Cost-To-Own Awards
2015 Buick Enclave

We have each of these 2015 Buick vehicles available here at Hatfield Buick GMC in Redlands, CA. Come visit us to take one for a test drive!

Buick’s Innovative Three-Wet Paint Process Provides Multiple Benefits

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2015 Buick Verano three-wet paint process
The 2015 Buick Verano at the Chicago Auto Show.

With its three-wet paint process, the Buick team is working smarter to paint vehicles like the Verano using less energy and more efficiency for better results.

Typically, a vehicle is painted with a primer, sent through a primer bake oven to dry, painted with color and a clear coat, and sent through the bake oven again to dry. Buick’s three-wet process paints on all three layers of paint while they are still wet before sending the vehicle to the bake oven. No, it does not make the vehicle turn out looking like a child’s watercolor picture or a manicure gone wrong. Rather, the innovative process results in a smoother and more durable surface of the car with increased resistance to assaults from objects like tree sap, bird droppings, or water spots or dings from flying rocks or road debris.

2015 Buick Verano three-wet paint processIn addition, the process conserves energy because vehicles only go through the bake oven one time. This has resulted in helping GM to reduce operational costs, which of course, translates to savings for customers as well.

Now that you know the behind the scenes story, stop by Hatfield Buick GMC today and take a look at the efficiently painted and exceptionally smooth Buick Verano today.

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