Road Trip Tips for the Holidays

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2018 GMC Terrain Denali

The holidays are coming up, and you know what the means — it’s time for your annual road trip! If you’re hitting the road in your vehicle to visit family, here are some tips to take with you.

Prep Your Car

Before you even hit the road, you’ll want to prep your car for your road trip. Check tire pressure, fluid levels, and wipers. Clean your car free of trash and debris. Doing all of this will ensure a safer (and cleaner) road trip.

Keep Spare Change

It can be easy to forget about tolls when you’re on the road — so be sure to set aside spare cash or change in your car. Even if you have an Easy Pass, it never hurts to have spare change or cash for other situations that come up.

Craft Road Trip Playlists

Before you get in the car, create multiple playlists that you can choose from. If you’re travelling with family, have everyone create their own playlist. This will keep the passengers happy during the ride and will help the driver stay awake and entertained.

Switch Off Driving

If you’re traveling with other drivers, take advantage of it! Be prepared to switch off drivers to help split up driving time. Taking breaks while other drivers take the wheel will help everyone stay alert when it’s their turn to drive.

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