Buick In-Dash Fuel Payment System Works Through ExxonMobil

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Buick Dash

Buick recently partnered with ExxonMobil to create an in-dash fuel payment system that will not only make paying for fuel easier but offer valuable savings to drivers. The Buick in-dash fuel payment system will operate through Marketplace and will be available at more than 11,000 Exxon or Mobil stations around the country.

“Our goal with Marketplace is to help make everyday tasks as easy as possible for our customers so they can focus on enjoying time spent in their vehicles,” said Rick Ruskin, Marketplace Line of Business leader for Buick. “Bringing the ExxonMobil pay for fuel functionality right on the touchscreen of our vehicles is the latest advancement of this platform, allowing drivers to easily access Speedpass+ and securely pay for gas while inside their car.”

According to Buick, the technology will let you pay without swiping a credit card or accessing your smartphone. The system is synced with an ExxonMobil Speedpass+™ app account, which means there’s no need to get your wallet or phone out. Simply pull up and get your gas. In addition to convenience, the system lets you earn points for frequent fill-ups, potentially saving money in the process.

If you don’t already have an ExxonMobil Speedpass+ app account, you can sign up through Marketplace. In additional to secure payments, the app allows you to locate the nearest Exxon or Mobil station.

Buick’s focus on innovation is part of what makes it one of the hottest and most advanced lineups on the road today. To see Buick’s latest vehicles in person, stop into Hatfield Buick GMC and take a test drive.

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