New Year’s Resolutions for Becoming a Safer Driver

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New Year’s Resolutions for Becoming a Safer Driver

If you’re still working on your New Year’s resolutions for 2018, you’re probably thinking of things like getting started at a gym or taking up better habits on a daily basis. One of the areas where we could all probably improve a bit is the way we drive—it never hurts to be safer, even if you already consider yourself a safe driver. For a few ideas, consider setting one of these goals to become a safer driver in 2018.

Put Your Cell Phone Away

Today’s vehicles often offer technology that allows drivers to make hands-free calls and text messages. Even with safe options, drivers might still be tempted to check social media or email on the road or glance at their phones. Keep your phone tucked out of sight to avoid that temptation altogether and keep your eyes locked on the road ahead.

Leave Earlier

When drivers are running late, they’re more likely to make aggressive moves, like tailgating, speeding, or running yellow lights. Give yourself extra time to get to your destinations so that you can drive patiently and cautiously, and see if it doesn’t also positively affect your stress level.

Practice Good Maintenance

Keeping your car in good condition is an important step to safe driving. Getting regular checkups according to your owner’s manual will ensure that all parts are running as they should be, and that you have a lower chance of getting stranded. Schedule regular oil changes and checkups for your vehicle in 2018 and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with driving a safe car.

If you already do these things, then congratulations: you’re an effective driver. Maybe you should set a different kind of New Year’s resolution—upgrading to a brand-new GMC or Buick, which you can get at Hatfield Buick GMC.

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