Follow These Trick or Treating Safety Tips for a Worry-Free Halloween

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Kids everywhere look forward all year to the fun of Halloween night. But, in all of the excitement, don’t forget to follow these trick or treating safety tips to ensure you and your kids have a blast.


Trick or treating safety 


Plan Ahead

Whether you’ll be out with the kids or staying at home, be sure to plan a route in advance. Pick one that’s not too long and stays within familiar territory.


Wear Comfy Shoes

Outfit the kids and yourself in comfortable walking shoes. No matter the costume, remember that you’ll be on foot all night. A princess costume will look just as good without the high heels!


Stay Well-Lit

Integrate bright and reflective materials into costumes. Reflective tape and brightly colored paints will look cool and keep the kids safe as they run around in the dark.


Short Costumes

Overly large costumes that make it hard to move or drag on the ground are dangerous, especially in the dark. Make sure costumes let feet move freely and don’t cover up the hands or face.


Avoid Masks

Masks may seem like a simple way to complete a costume but, in reality, they can make it hard to breathe and obscure your child’s vision. Non-toxic face paint is easy and safe!


Check Candy

At the end of the night, do a quick check of the candy your kids have collected. Discard anything that’s not in its original wrapper or looks like it’s been tampered with.


Avoid unnecessary Halloween stress this year with these simple trick-or-treat safety tips. Then, for the ultimate seasonal treat, stop by Hatfield Buick GMC today!

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