Back-to-School Driving Tips

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The new school year is nearly here, which means it’s time to freshen up on driving in and around school zones—so, here are some helpful back-to-school driving tips from us here at Hatfield Buick GMC.

Back-to-School Driving Tips

Watch Out

If you’re taking the kids to school, odds are you’ll be passing through at least one, but likely more, school zones. That means you’ll need to keep your eyes open for other parents dropping their kids off, buses, pedestrians, and small children in general.

Avoid honking at pedestrians and always stop for flashing lights. Make sure to listen to the school patrol officer or crossing guard.


Helping to reduce the number of vehicles dropping kids off is one way to ease the stress of back-to-school driving. Converse with other parents and make a schedule that dictates who has the responsibility, of taking the kids to school each morning. Don’t forget to decide who picks them up afterward, too!

Beware of Buses

School buses are hard to miss, so there’s no excuse for passing or crashing into one. If the lights are flashing or the stop arm is extended, use caution and come to a complete stop. Don’t try to speed past the bus as the doors are opening—the last thing any parent or driver wants is an injured child.

Make sure to follow these tips, and driving while school is in session will be safer for everyone.

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