These Carpool Tips Can Save You From Losing It

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Carpool Tips


There’s no doubt about it: the easiest way to save money on gas and lower your environmental impact is to simply carpool. But whether you’re carpooling with the neighbors’ kids to school in the morning or with your friends on a road trip, carpooling can be more stressful than you think.

To prepare you, we’ve assembled these simple carpool tips:

  • Plan a schedule ahead of time, concerning who will drive and when, and stick to it. This will eliminate room for arguing.
  • Prepare appropriately. If you’re carpooling with children, stock some games and books in the back. With friends? Design the ultimate playlist ahead of time.
  • Plan your path, instead of relying blindly on a navigation system, and explore cheap gas options on your route.
  • It’s always a good idea to know the emergency locations during your drive, from hospitals to simple rest stops.
  • If you’re the one in the back seat, not the front, do your best not to distract the driver, keeping the volume at an appropriate level.
  • Lastly, be strong! Try not to get frustrated in traffic, at your guests, or other potential irritants. Losing your cool can only make a situation worse.

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