GMC Acadia Rear Seat Reminder Keeps Children Safe

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2017 GMC Acadia Interior
Learn how the GMC Acadia Rear Seat reminder can keep your children safe.

Every year in the United States, a surprising number of children die of heat stroke due to being forgotten in the back seat of a car. Busy parents can easily get distracted, forgetting that their young child is sleeping in the back. The 2017 GMC Acadia is looking to prevent this potentially deadly forgetfulness, though, with a brand-new technology—Rear Seat Reminder.

“Acadia drivers live busy lives with demanding schedules, and the Rear Seat Reminder helps protect the things we care about most,” said Tricia Morrow, GM global safety strategy engineer. “Whether it’s your lunch, laptop, pet, or most importantly, your child, it’s easier than it seems to forget what’s in the back seat when moving between life’s events. With this new feature, we are leading the charge to address this ongoing problem.”

The GMC Acadia Rear Seat Reminder is an industry-first feature designed to remind drivers to check the back seat as they exit the vehicle. It monitors the Acadia’s rear doors. If the rear door is opened and closed within 10 minutes before the vehicle starts, then the Rear Seat Reminder will go off when you exit the crossover. It will also go off if the rear doors have been opened and closed while the vehicle is running.

While this safety fixture will definitely remind you that there is possible something in your back seat, it doesn’t actually detect the object. The Rear Seat Reminder safety feature will come standard on all 2017 Acadia models.

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