Great Ideas for DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

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Little Red Riding Hood and Her Grandma - Halloween Costumes
Some DIY Halloween costumes could be the perfect idea for this year!

Halloween is coming up again, which means that it’s time to starting planning those DIY Halloween costumes for your kids. The more time you spend planning and preparing the better, because your kid is sure to want to have the coolest costume n the cul-de-sac. Here’s a couple neat and creative ideas that are sure to get appreciative compliments from other parents.


  • Race Car Driver: You don’t need much more than a track suit and a roll of black-and-white-checkered duct tape for this one. Get creative with putting duct tape strips on the track suit and maybe throw in a trophy, too.
  • Genie: A cropped bolero-type jacket, puffy pants, and a few sparkly scarves pull together this fun and exotic costume. Flying carpet optional.
  • Hot Air Balloon: How do you dress up like a hot air balloon? All it takes is a regular balloon filled with helium and tied to the corners of a laundry basket. For a fun Disney-inspired twist, try using several balloons and decorating a box like a house.
  • Shadows: If you can get your hands on a kid-sized version of those all-black, full-body morph suits, put some all-black clothes on over it to transform your kids into walking shadows. Just be sure to incorporate something bright and/or reflective to make them more visible to drivers for safety purposes.


Remember, when you’re making DIY Halloween costumes, the sky is the limit. You don’t have to stick to these ideas. Try using your imagination and coming up with your own fun ideas! For a spacious vehicle to drive the kids around in this season, check out the 2017 GMC Terrain!

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