Weird Travel Destinations in California

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A dragon rendered in neon lights displayed on the exterior of the Museum of Neon Art in Glendale, CA. photo taken by AndrewKeenanRichardson
Weird travel destinations in California include the cool Neon Art Museum!

Next time you are bored, remember that there are strange things all around us. Just look at all of the weird travel destinations in California!

# 1 – Museum of Neon Art  –  Glendale

This museum is exactly what it claims to be: a collection of neon signs. In addition to the signs they’ve collected from famous theaters and other establishments, the museum also holds exhibits of artists working in the medium. Definitely worth looking into if you like lighting.

# 2 – Court of Mysteries – Santa Cruz

For architecture and mysticism aficionados, the Court of Mysteries remains an alluring attraction. The structure is modeled on a Yogi temple, and it features two stone towers and a beautiful archway. The weirdest thing about the house? It was built entirely at night.

# 3 – Watts Towers – Los Angeles

Built by an Italian immigrant, the Watts Towers are located in LA. Sabato Rodia would bring home pieces of broken pottery from where he worked. He would add the pottery to broken pieces of glass, and using wire mesh, mortar, and steel pipes, he constructed the towers.

# 4 – Audium Theatre of Sound-Sculpted Space – San Francisco

There are 169 speakers in the theater. Listeners sit in concentric circles as a conductor manipulates sound, shaping its intensity, direction and speed in ways that most people have never experienced.

If you find yourself in California looking for something new to try, these four locations are where it’s at. You can also stop by and see us at Hatfield Buick GMC!

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