Buick Regal Wagon May Be On the Horizon

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Buick Regal Wagon tweet
The Buick Regal wagon could be just what we’ve been needing!

Over in the Old World, they just can’t get enough of the wagon. Here in the United States, the popularity of wagons seems to wax and wane. Over here, we love our crossovers. But as crossovers become ubiquitous, a resurgence of wagons seems possible as a healthy alternative. And who better to head it off than Buick?

According to Automotive News, on the word of some of “the people who attended” a national dealer meeting, the next-generation Buick Regal will include a wagon model. The Buick Regal wagon would arrive as a 2018 model.

If you’ve noticed that Buick likes to explore segments that other automakers ignore, you’re onto something. In fact, it’s called their whitespace strategy. Look at the Buick Cascada, for instance. A classy and compact convertible? There’s hardly any automakers playing in that particular playground at the moment.

Now it looks like the upcoming Buick Regal wagon is going to be filling another one of those “whitespaces.” Why not? Buick does it so well.

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