GMC Acadia Limited Model To Be Sold Alongside New Generation

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2016 GMC Acadia Limited will be produced along side the 2017 GMC Acadia

After almost a decade of being on the market, the old generation of the GMC Acadia is finally being phased out and replaced with the next-generation 2017 Acadia. However, the Acadia is such a popular vehicle that GMC just can’t let the old version go. As a result, the old model will be renamed as the GMC Acadia Limited, and will be sold alongside the 2017 Acadia when it goes on sale in the spring of this year.

General Motors spokesperson Brian Goebel was the one who made the announcement in a statement to auto publication Automotive News (subscription required). However, he didn’t mention when the Acadia Limited would eventually go out of production, only stating that the two models will be available simultaneously for “a limited time.” According to Goebel, the decision to keep the Acadia Limited in production was to ensure that the factory at which the previous generation was built kept a full production schedule, due to the fact that the 2017 model is being built elsewhere.

The 2017 GMC Acadia was redesigned to be more compact than the previous generation, with the 2017 model’s dimensions being 7.2 inches shorter in length, 3.5 inches narrower, and 3.9 inches lower. Additionally, the Acadia will become over 700 pounds lighter. Despite all of this, the crossover will still offer seating for up to seven passengers, as well as a choice of two engines and the option of either front-wheel or all-wheel drive.

The GMC Acadia Limited will continue to be produced at the Lansing, Michigan plant alongside the other vehicles under General Motors with which the crossover shares its platform — the Buick Encore and the Chevrolet Traverse. It is unknown what the Lansing plant will replace the Acadia Limited with after the old model phases out of production.

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