What Happened to the Spare Tire?

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Tire tread
Learn why you may not have a spare tire.

If you’ve been car shopping in the last couple of years, you may have noticed that a seemingly important feature of some new cars has gone missing – the trusty spare tire. Thanks to improved technology, both in the tires themselves and in temporary tire repair, AAA reports that more than 36% of new 2015 models were sold without the spare tire.

Spare tires are heavy and take up a considerable amount of space in any car. By ditching the spare tire, automakers can claim better fuel economy numbers for their vehicles and improve cargo space. In place of spare tires, many automakers are putting to use run-flat tires or emergency flat-tire inflation kits.

Run-flat tires are designed to allow a driver to continue driving on a flat tire at a reduced speed until they can safely get to a repair shop or home. Emergency flat-tire inflation kits on the other hand, allow drivers to temporarily repair small punctures in the tire’s tread (keep in mind this kind of repair won’t work on the tire’s side wall).

Additionally, many new cars also come with road-side assistance for a specified amount of time, so that in the event you do have a flat tire, you won’t need to repair the tire yourself.

Learn more about spare tires and their alternatives at yahoo.com/autos.

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