An American Buick Envision Could be A Reality

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See when the American Buick Envision could be coming!

Remember when the Buick Envision mid-size crossover debuted in China last year? We were pretty jealous. American auto enthusiasts everywhere agreed – when can we get our hands on that thing?

According to Automotive News, that day could be coming sooner than we think. Two sources close to the project have revealed that GM is moving forward with plans for an American Buick Envision, and we could see it as soon late spring next year.

If this is true, the Envision would mark the first instance of one of the Big Three Detroit auto manufacturers importing a light vehicle from China.

Currently, GM is declining to comment, calling these reports nothing more than speculation. It remains to be seen if and when the automaker will begin deliveries of the Buick Envision to the U.S. Check back in with the Hatfield Buick GMC blog often for more updates as they become available!

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