Tips for Driving In a Foreign Country

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No matter where you’re headed, it’s important to always know the rules of the road where you are driving (or being driven), so be sure to check out the country’s driving laws so you don’t have to deal with any major issues while abroad.

While we love Southern California, sometimes you need to get out and see the world! When traveling abroad, one of the most important things to consider is the difference between your country’s customs and those of the place you are visiting. For instance, tipping in some Asian countries can actually be considered offensive, so you definitely won’t want to argue with the cab driver when they don’t take a little extra something for their efforts. Driving yourself around can also be daunting, and while there’s no substitute for doing your own research on whatever country you are visiting, here are a few handy tips for driving in a foreign country.

First of all, bring your domestic driver’s license. In some countries, that will be enough to get you a temporary license. This is not the case in every country, however, so be sure to do your research ahead of time. There is something called an International Driving Permit to consider, which is a document that tells your host country that you have a valid driver’s license and will in most instances get you the certification you need.

Are you covered? Talk to your insurance agent to make sure. You can also research a specific rental car company you plan to rent from in your destination country. Make sure that any insurance they offer will hold water in a different country.

Perhaps most importantly, study the traffic laws and habits of your destination country. Something as simple as turning right on red could land you in hot water abroad. Then you’re in the position of having to deal with a traffic citation in a foreign country. When it comes to driving in foreign countries, take a tip from all of us at Hatfield Buick GMC, it’s worth doing your homework.


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