New Buick Avenir Concept Graces Detroit

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Detroit Skyline
The new Buick Avenir Concept car unveiled in Detroit this past week will turn heads with its new, sleek style.

Buick is a brand that car shoppers can always count on for its consistency. Its vehicles might not turn heads in the street the way some other flashier luxury vehicle do, but being loud has never been Buick’s style. Buick is about understated beauty and a calm cool, and they’ll always perform as smooth as butter and look dang fine doing so. The new Buick Avenir Concept the automaker debuted at the 2015 North American International Auto Show, however, seems to have been cut from a different cloth (or is it a sheet of metal?). It’s bold, brash, and ready to change the way we look at Buick in the very near future.

Speaking of which, “Avenir” means “future” in French, but one look at the thing would have made that easy enough to guess. The car is gorgeous, with a long hood, short deck, and curvaceous rear haunches that certainly will turn heads should someone pass it in the street. The cabin features a prominent 12-inch touchscreen, flowing curves, buffed wood trims, and fine leather.

The car is a symbol of the design future to come from Buick. If the automaker can deliver cars that look like that and preserve the iconic quality that has made the brand one of the fastest-growing in America, then we can’t wait for what our future lineup will look like at Hatfield Buick GMC!

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