Car Part Sculptures: One Man’s Incredible Display of Talent

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GMC Eco Tec3 Engine
While GMC’s Eco Tec3 engine performs like a piece of artwork, one artist is taking the beauty of car parts to a new level by creating artwork using recycled car pieces, such as bumpers and hub caps.

Car parts come together to make… well, cars. That was our assumption anyway, until Bold Ride brought Ptolemy Elrington to our attention. Elrington is a sculptor who lives in the south of England, and his bold creations find a new use for old car parts.

Elrington has a talent for molding, welding, and bending forgotten car parts, offering them a new life in the form of, believe it or not, animal sculptures. As you might imagine, Elrington frequents scrap yards for materials, along with pieces he finds along the side of the road to create his car part sculptures. Hub caps, shopping carts, and a variety of other scrap metal are used to create the impressive animal sculptures. Chickens, foxes, fish, birds – you name it, he’s probably created it.

After more than 15 years working as a sculptor, you might say he’s mastered his craft. He’s made a number of TV and print appearances, and exhibited his work globally, including art shows in London, Barcelona, and Athens.

Head over to to see what it’s all about. Here at Hatfield Buick GMC, we call it like we see it—and we think these sculptures are downright impressive. If you are half as fascinated as we are, you’ll be scrambling to get your hands on one!

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