There May be a GMC Subcompact Crossover on the Horizon

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2015 GMC Terrain
Right now the smallest SUV GMC makes is the spacious GMC Terrain, however, they are considering building a GMC subcompact crossover that would become the dwarf of the GMC line-up.

With the recent success of the Chevy Trax, many drivers are asking, “Will there be a GMC model like it?” The compact SUV is making quite a stir as both a versatile and sporty vehicle, which is leading GMC to consider creating a new vehicle for this segment. We at Hatfield Buick GMC can’t wait to see what the brand comes up with.

Although there is no word whether or not there is a GMC subcompact crossover in the works, the Chevy Trax chief engineer Al Manzor said, “I think that is certainly possible” in an interview with Automotive News. Manzor continued to say, “[there’s been] a lot of great feedback from automotive writers who have driven it, generating questions about opportunities with other brands.”

So what’s the big deal about this segment? While GMC has revealed it’s working on similar vehicles, like the GMC Granite, a subcompact crossover model would be a first for the automaker. This class features plenty of seating and cargo room but still gets great fuel economy. This is all due to innovative design and advancements in engine technologies which allow for smaller, turbocharged engines with big output. Although we wouldn’t see these models for a few years, we still have our fingers crossed.

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