Pearl Harbor Buick Auctioned for $73,000

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Pearl Harbor Memorial
There are many ways to honor those who lost their lives during the attack on Pearl Harbor. A.C. Wilson, the former owner of the Pearl Harbor Buick, chose to do so through restoring an old Buick that was sitting at the Harbor on the day of the attacks and share its history at local car shows.

We just passed the 73rd anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Just in time in honor the memory of that event, a 1939 Buick Special convertible coupe went to auction in Virginia. What made this Buick special is the fact it miraculously survived the attack unharmed while parked at the harbor on December 7th, 1941.

This car, known as the Pearl Harbor Buick, was auctioned off for $73,700—it seems the winning bidder paid $1,000 for every year the car has survived. Tom Beasley of Stuart, Virginia was the winner of the car after some vigorous bidding both online and at the Woltz auction.

Beasley has known the previous owner, A.C. Wilson, also of Virginia, for many years. Wilson regrettably said he had to sell the car to settle some family debts. Though, since the car’s new home is only 30 miles away from his, perhaps he will get to visit it from time to time.

Wilson had originally purchased the car from his cousin, Mary Bullard, who owned it and lived in Hawaii at the time of the attack. He had to wait 30 years before he could afford to buy it. He then had it restored and frequently took it to parades and car shows to show off the incredible car’s history.

Here at Hatfield Buick GMC, we are proud to see this amazing piece of Buick and American history continue to live on as a memorial to those who lost their lives that tragic day.

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