GMC Canyon is Perfectly Built at Wentzville Assembly Plant

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2014 GMC Canyon
It takes a lot of moving parts to get a truck to look this good. That’s why the team at Wentzville Assembly Plant aims for perfection.

The new 2015 GMC Canyon midsize pickup truck has been expertly engineered and assembled at GM’s Wentzville Assembly Plant to have a “perfect body.”

Engineers at the plant used perfectly-measured mockups of the truck’s interior and exterior, plus an advanced laser-scanning system to test the fit of hundreds of parts and assemblies, which come from five GM plants and as many as 20 different suppliers.

More than 200 parts or assemblies are evaluated before regular production. Those found to fit not quite as perfectly as they should are disassembled and fixed with all appropriate parties before the production process begins and before the Canyon is sent out to the Hatfield Buick GMC dealership.

“The perfect body process helps everyone by quickly identifying the source of a particular issue and giving us guidance on what needs to be done to fix it,” said Mark Deterding, engineering manager for Magna Interiors. “It’s an additional step, but we’re happy to spend time with these perfect bodies because they mean safer, quieter, and more reliable vehicles for the customer.”

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