When the Night Comes: Tips for Driving in the Dark

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Line of Cars in Traffic At Dusk
As the days get shorter, a lot of us will be stuck driving in the dark this winter. Check out these tips below to ensure that you stay safe while on the roads.

Though we’ve set our clocks back one hour (did you get extra sleep?), the days will continue to get shorter as the nights get longer. While we enjoy the changing of the seasons and the holidays that come along with it, we also must keep in mind that extra precautions should be taken when driving in the dark.

One of the best ways to prepare your vehicle for night driving is to clean your headlights, tail lights, and signal lights. If dirty, these visual aids decrease your ability to see clearly in the dark and increase the potential for an accident. The same goes for your windows; be sure to clean the dirt, dust, and bird poop for maximum visibility.

You should also check to make sure your headlights are properly aligned. If they aren’t, not only are they less affective in displaying the road in front of you, they can also blind drivers opposite you. Stop by Hatfield Buick GMC, and we’ll help you get them shining in the right direction.

Smoking can also reduce your ability to see clearly, especially at night. Just as we choose not to drink and drive, it is a wise choice to refrain from smoking and driving.

If you are unable to see clearly due to the bright lights of an oncoming vehicle, use the right edge of the road as a guideline.

For more tips on safely navigating dark roadways, check out these additional recommendations from the National Safety Council.

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