Will Electric Car-Capable Homes be Required in California?

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Requiring new builders to build Electric Car-Capable Homes is the next step towards full electric car integration in California.

Here in California, we love our green technology. In an age when traffic can rule your world and gas prices are some of the highest in the country, we are generally quick to look for alternative driving options, and electric cars have become a major priority for our state. Now, we might see new building codes that would require new homes and buildings to come pre-wired to charge electric vehicles.

Treehugger points out that not only would this apply to single family homes, but also to multi-family apartment and condo parking lots. Adding a charging station to existing infrastructure can be incredibly expensive – enough even to deter someone from purchasing an electric vehicle all together – but wiring a home or building when it’s being built costs only $50 to $200.

That’s why Palo Alto has already changed its building code to make sure that new homes are pre-wired for plug-ins. Because the entire country is shifting toward electric cars and similar alternative technologies, the state of California is prepared to follow Palo Alto’s lead and require electric-car capable homes.

The new building code could become effective as soon as 2015, and here at Hatfield Buick GMC, we can’t help but assume that home buyers will be grateful for pre-wired charges if and when they choose to buy an electric car.

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