The 2015 GMC Canyon is The Perfect First Truck

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2015 GMC Canyon Grille
The 2015 GMC Canyon maintains its driveability, while adding in some major towing power. It’s a perfect truck for those who need a work truck, but don’t want the huge size.

Mid-size pickup trucks for next year are finally here, and the 2015 GMC Canyon is coming into the season strong. Let’s take a look.

Designed specifically with pickup green gills in mind, this little mid-size has an inclusive design that anyone can handle. According to Jalopnik, it’s the ‘most accessible drive’ of any truck the reviewer’s had tested so far. It’s small enough that it’s not going to overwhelm a person who typically avoids pickups due to the height and girth of full-size trucks.

It’s improved turning radius and electric steering are going to make the process of parking, something that is usually a nightmare to those not used to handling the bulk of a truck, much easier. No more breath-holding while cutting the wheel into a tight spot – the Canyon’s got you this time. If you prefer a 4WD activation ability, the Canyon’s where it’s at. Its brother in release and camp, the Colorado, is only planned to have a 2WD option.

Tow rating has been another big category for these 2015 mid-sizes, and the Canyon’s coming with a rating of 7,000 lb and plenty of gear options and customization for whatever your transport needs may be. The interior is spacious and notably sporty and defintely a sight to see. All of these great work features, and driveability? It’s got to be the best truck out there.

These trucks will be out very soon, and whether the Canyon ends up being your first truck or your fifth, Hatfield Buick GMC is here to get you your best deal.

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