Drive For Your Students – Buick Supports Local Schools

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Buick is helping 100 communities raise money for their schools with their Drive For Your Student test-drive events.

Buick is raising funds for 100 communities across the United States with a new initiative called “Drive For Your Students,” which will encourage students to test-drive Buicks in exchange for donations to the school.

Dealerships like Hatfield Buick GMC and schools across the nation will work together through Drive For Your Students to host grassroots test-drive events, where students will be invited to test drive cars from Buick’s lineup. For each test drive taken, Buick will donate $10 to the participating schools. If your school had over 100 test drives, Buick will double their donation and donate $20 per test drive, up to $10,000 per school.

The grass-roots events will help students gain valuable real-world experience in helping dealers plan, coordinate, and execute events, as well as help them raise funds for their schools.

“Schools are always seeking dynamic opportunities to support their extracurricular activities and elective programs,” said Bob DeJonge, director of athletics in the Keller Independent School District. “It provides an opportunity for the students to build their resume with relevant work experience and for the community to demonstrate support for the school.”

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