Buick Encore Ready for April Showers With Rainsense Technology

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2014 Buick Encore
The 2014 Buick Encore has rainsense technology, helping you stay safe in April Showers.

Every month is known for something. September is back to school, November has Thanksgiving, December has Christmas, and so on and so forth. April—well, April has its showers.

When you know it’s going to get wet, it’s good to be prepared. If you own a Buick Encore, you’ll be extra prepared. It comes optionally equipped with a nifty tech called “Rainsense,” which, well, does exactly what the name suggests.

It works through a rain sensor positioned behind the rearview mirror, which sends a signal to the Encore’s computer when water is detected and triggers the windshield wipers. It’s also ultra-sensitive, able to take infrared readings every 40 milliseconds to perfectly modulate the speed of the wipers. Because it uses infrared, it can also work at night and potentially detect rain minutes before the driver ever notices!

“The advanced technology of Rainsense wipers are another added level of luxury and convenience for Buick Encore drivers,” Matt Piazza, General Motors’ global design engineer for rain sensor technology said. “It constantly monitors the windshield, so that’s one less thing on the driver’s mind, allowing them to concentrate on the road ahead. Once you experience it, you won’t want a vehicle without it.”

There’s a ton of behind-the-scenes tech behind Rainsense. Talk to us at Hatfield Buick GMC to learn more!

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